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―Company Profile ―

Company Name:
Kuwana Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd.  (Vietnam factory:Kuwana Co.,Ltd.)
July, 1972 (Vietnam factory:June 2015)
●Head office plant:5-101, Hidamarinooka, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, 511-0867 Japan
TEL: +81-50-3772-1033 / FAX:+81-594-33-2233
●Vienam factory:Dong Van Ⅲ Supporting Industrial Zones,Dong Van Ward, Duy Tien Town, Ha Nam, Vietnam
Yoichi Kato (Vietnam factory:Kenji Hashimoto/General Director)
185 (Vietnam factory:13)
ISO 14001:2015/ISO 9001:2015
Major Client:
Denso, DuPont, Brother,Sumitomo electric

●Head office plant


●Vietnam factory

― Manufacture Process ―

CNC Milling & Turning
3D Printing:
UV laser /ABS_like,Clear
SLS powder / PP,Nylon,7NG,PPSG
Slicon Mold:
Mold size X700:Y1000:Z500 / Max
Welding/ABS PC 6N PP PV ,Blasting, Bending, Painting(surface treatment), Mirror polishing/POM MA PC.


― Our Competitive Advantage ―

We are a major cutting plastic parts manufacturer in Japan, Building to Order Factory.
We have a pride in an ability to supply customer quality products, Rapid prototype, Jig, Equipment parts.

Since its foundation, we have been machining over 60,000 shapes per year.
We have been continuing to improve our machining techniques by training each employees.

Our production lines are flexible to change a sudden High-mix low-volume production orders or short lead times.
Quality assurance learned through dealing with automotive industries, semiconductor, aircraft,etc.

Our production and inspection facilities are equipped with the leading edge equipment.

― Details for Our Products ―

1.Car & Bike Engine :
Intake maniholds, casing pumps, sub-tanks
POM, PA6, PA66(with GFRP)
2.Interior and Air Conditioning:
Control & Meter Panels, air control units
Fan blower,HVAC Equipment
3.Visibility assessment:
Flow testing for liquids & gas, Water, Oil, Gasoline, Air
Acrylic resin, lucid Clear Polycarbonate
Semiconductor Equipment
Liquidcontrol valve,Guscontrol valve,Diaphragm,Cylinder cover
Dupont Japan / Vespel manufacturing Partner
Gate liner,Shield deposite,lefter pin,guide pin,substrate receiving pin,condenser carrying jig,clamp ring
Wefer Cleaning Parts
Clampring,guide ring,air pressure valve&cylinder